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Manatee Bling You MUST have!

Okay, so anything with a manatee on it was obviously going to be a great Christmas present for me.  I received a beautive sterling silver necklace with a cute manatee charm on it.  You HAVE to have one too!  Follow this link & get yours today.  They're adorable!  Service was great and I couldn't be happier with my necklace! 

Manatato.  You Saw It Here First.

If you find a picture of any other foods that resemble manatees, please post the link in the Guestbook.

Get Colorful!  

Did you know there is an official Crayola crayon color called "Manatee"? (I TOTALLY have one.) If you have one too, or just an some insane need to create art, follow this link for a free print-out coloring book!  (Great for kids too)


Here's Milo the manatee!  I drew him on January 28, 2008.  I know he's kind of hard to see (smart people remember to darken their drawings before scanning them in!) but I hope that you can enjoy him! 

Make A Difference for a Manatee Near You!!

If you live on the Florida coasts where you have access to wild manatees, take advantage of it!  Manatees also live in other parts of the world, but the habitat for them in Florida is quickly depleting.  If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area, there's a lot of work to be done on the St. John's River.  Since this river runs through the heart of the city, it is subject to frequent pollution.  But this river is also home to grazing manatees, who like the slow moving water.  The St. John's needs cleaning up.  So if you live anywhere around there, see if you can volunteer on a Clean Up the River Day.  Trust me, a manatee will thank you!

More manatee video action?  Check out an animated PSA in the Links (E-Mail) section.

Here is a weird manatee game.  Then again, there aren't that many out there.

This Christmas [or other wintry holiday] can be more manatee-y than ever!  [see below]

You can click on this adorable backpack to find more manatee gifts (via the always-trusty SaveTheManatee.org) that young and old alike will enjoy!

Manatee'd Myspace Profiles!  Visit SaveTheManatee.org for great stuff for your layout.

Wanna See A Manatee Brain?
Beware, Not for Squeamish People.
The Non-Grossed Out can click Here

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